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The CE mark is a basic document for the compliance review within EUThe mark of fulfilment given prescripts for EMCSymbol for compliance with the standards EACLED luminaireLuminaire insulation class IIelectronic ballastSupply voltage and frequencyEmergency lighting fixtureUsed plastic parts are UV stableluminaire can be protected by special nanolayer

maintained/non-maintained emergency lighting model for interior areas

Plastic material ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)

Plastic material PC (polycarbonate), transparent colour

Direct fastening on ceiling or wall lighted area or recessed mounting

Screws four-pole terminal block

On request:
NANO – light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)


Emergency lighting LEDUSEmergency LED luminaire is used in interior areasLED svítidla fixture; emergency lighting fixture; hydrophobic; plastic lighting fixture; polycarbonate; multi; autonomy; non-maintained; surface mounted; VYRTYCH; class insulation II;

Code number Description Type of source Tc (K) Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Power input (W) Weight (kg)
100137 O-SLED Sirios LED, M, 2h, IP42 LED 5000 120 359 168 56 1,5 1
100138 O-SLED-3H Sirios LED, M, 3h, IP42 LED 5000 120 359 168 56 1,5 1
100139 O-SLED-AT Sirios LED, M, 1h, IP42, autotest LED 5000 120 359 168 56 1,5 1
100140 O-SLED-AT-3H Sirios LED, M, 3h, IP42, autotest LED 5000 120 359 168 56 1,5 1
100141 O-SLED Mains Sirios LED, IP42 LED 5000 120 359 168 56 1,5 1

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